Remortgage Advice in Eastbourne

Your Guide to Remortgaging

Welcome! Here at EBR Mortgages, we understand that your home holds significant value; not just as a place to live but as a financial asset. Our remortgaging services are here to help you make the most of your home’s equity, securing better rates and helping you advance towards your financial goals.

Need to Remortgage? Here’s Why EBR Mortgages Could Be for You

If your mortgage deal is ending, you’re considering borrowing more, or just want a change to better meet your financial needs, we’re here to help explore the best options for you.


Better Rates, Less Hassle

With the ability to search through thousands of mortgage deals and relationships with over 100 lenders, we can effortlessly find the most cost-effective and suitable mortgage for you, saving you time and effort in the process.


Industry Expertise

With extensive experience in the mortgage industry, we’re here to offer you reliable and accurate advice, staying informed about the latest market trends, changes in interest rates and lending policies.



We’ll give you a clear rundown of all the fees involved in remortgaging so you know exactly what to expect. If staying with your current lender turns out to be the best move, we’ll let you know and help you switch to a new deal.


Tailored Approach to Advice

Your financial situation is one of a kind, and so should be your mortgage advice. We focus on giving you recommendations that that fit your specific goals, preferences, and budget.


All Your Mortgage Needs Covered

Whether you’re looking for mortgage pre-approval, thinking about refinancing, buying a new home, or just need someone to explain the fine print of your mortgage contract, we provide comprehensive support for all your mortgage needs.


Straightforward Remortgage Guidance

We believe that a good understanding leads to great decisions. That’s why we focus on simplifying complex mortgage terms and processes, giving you all the knowledge you need to be confident in your choices.

Remortgage Options to Consider


Switching to a New Deal

Switching to a new deal involves moving from your current mortgage deal to a new one, either with a new mortgage lender or the existing one, often with a different interest rate. This can be a strategic move to secure a more favourable rate, potentially reducing monthly payments and overall interest costs. We’ll review your existing mortgage terms, compare it against the current market, and guide you through the process of rate switching. 

Access to Equity

If your home’s value has gone up or you’ve paid off a good chunk of your mortgage, remortgaging could give you access to use that built-up equity. You could fund home improvements, consolidate debts, or cover other financial needs. We can review your mortgage, discuss what you want to achieve, and help you access that equity effectively.

Adjusting Your Mortgage Term

When remortgaging, you can opt to either shorten your mortgage term and pay off your home quicker or extend it to lower your monthly outgoings. Remember, extending may lead to higher interest costs over time. We’ll review your current mortgage and financial goals to see if changing your term is a good move.

Debt Consolidation

Remortgaging to consolidate debt involves combining high-interest debts into a single, manageable mortgage payment, potentially reducing your overall monthly financial commitments. We work with you to understand your existing debts, assess the feasibility of debt consolidation, and guide you through the process. Our aim is to help you manage your finances more effectively and reduce the burden of multiple debt payments.

Why Choose Us for Your Remortgage? 

At EBR Mortgages, we’re dedicated to assisting you at every stage of your remortgage. Whether it involves reviewing your current mortgage, finding a new deal, or unlocking equity in your home, we’re here to ensure that your remortgage is straightforward and efficient.

We’re Here to Make Remortgaging Easier

Let us take the hassle out of remortgaging for you. We provide tailored advice, clear communication, and expertise in a range of remortgage solutions at EBR Mortgages. We’re here to support you every step of the way to ensure a smooth experience.