Income Protection Insurance Advice in Eastbourne

Safeguarding Your Financial Stability

At EBR Mortgages, we know how crucial it is to keep your finances stable, especially if something unexpected stops you from working. Income Protection is there to give you a solid backup, helping you stay secure when times get tough.

The Benefits of Income Protection

If a sudden illness or injury prevents you from working, Income Protection kicks in. It provides a portion of your income to help with living expenses, easing financial pressures until you’re able to return to work.


Covering Essential Expenses

Income Protection ensures that you receive a regular income if you’re unable to work due to illness or injury. This financial support covers essential expenses, including mortgage payments, utility bills, and daily living costs.

Maintaining Your Lifestyle

During periods of temporary incapacity, Income Protection helps you maintain your lifestyle by providing a reliable source of income. This ensures you can continue to meet your financial commitments without compromise.

Focusing on Recovery

With the financial stress eased, you can focus on your recovery without worrying about how to make ends meet. Income Protection offers peace of mind, allowing you to prioritise your health and well-being.

Helping You Return to Work

With Income Protection, getting back to your job after a health setback can be easier. The insurance provider can often support a gradual return to work, help with job retraining if needed, or fund physiotherapy to speed up your recovery.

Added Benefits of Income Protection

Besides financial support, income protection policies often provide valuable support services designed to offer preventative health care and rehabilitation. These include annual health checks, dietary advice, discounted gym memberships, mental health support and 24/7 access to speak to a nurse or medical professional. All of these benefits come together to help you lead a healthier lifestyle, which can prevent long-term illnesses.

The Type of Illness or Injury Doesn’t Matter

Whether it’s a broken bone, a mental health challenge, or something as severe as cancer, if an illness or injury stops you from working, income protection steps in. You’ll receive monthly payments until you’re back on your feet and ready to work again.

Why Choose Us to Assist with Your Income Protection Insurance? 

At EBR Mortgages, we’re dedicated to your financial well-being, especially during uncertain times. We’ll help you arrange an income protection plan that perfectly suits your needs, providing the stability and security you deserve.

We’re Here to Help You Protect Your Income

At EBR Mortgages, our goal is to help you secure the most suitable and cost-effective solutions for protecting your earnings, making the whole process straightforward so you can stay financially secure without the hassle.